Single head dual system models

This model is equipped with advanced devices and cut from the bottom gripper devices. By segment control, adjustable traction speed, to meet the various needs of different stretch fabric weave, weave complex pattern work. Both sides of the gripper with cutting means effectively reduce the waste yarn, improved production efficiency.

The new machine has a control system that can be upgraded to automatic scheduling 32 yarn flower mouth and mouth while automatically adjusting these yarns woven parked position. The system can be completed on the same line more than the mouth of the combined yarn woven work, not only improves productivity, but also completed applique and woven wear, such as complex pattern of woven work.

This model also has a dynamic coil density function, the density of the motor in the same line pattern weaving process, adjusting the size of the coil density. Along with dynamic machine speed feature, you can head to change its speed in the same line pattern weaving process. This important innovative features, making the production time was reduced by 20%.

The new control system can share a server under the premise of the machine between the network connection is established. Using this feature, we can pattern transfer and sharing between machines, as well as access to the data reported each machine production control.

Gauge 7G, 12G, 14G, 16G
Knitting width 45,52,56 (inches)
Knitting speed 24 segment selection, the maximum speed of 1.2m / s, using AC servo motor control, servo motor feedback control using sophisticated combination of high-speed computing power and digital signal processor (DSP), control IGBT generate accurate current output;
Knitting system Single head / dual system;
Knitting function Turn the needle, tuck, pick holes, intarsia, jacquard, stitches, dark stitches, and other regular or irregular patterns;
Racking AC servo motor control, moving the needle range up to 2 inches and with fine adjusting function;
Probe alarm system Probe alarm
Read pin signal Advanced encoder reading pin
Turn pin function Triangle composite design, single / double synergy can be individually or simultaneously turn the needle, but also a system of weaving, to achieve efficient production;
Coil density Stepper motor control, 24-segment density choices subdivision technology, adjustable range :0-650 degrees, more accurately control the length of the garment, using a closed-loop system monitoring motor current location;
Sinker system Stepper motor control, can be adjusted depending on the fabric to achieve a variety of stitches and put the needle effect, left and right to adjust the system;
Turn pin function Triangle composite design, single / double synergy can be individually or simultaneously turn the needle, but also a system of weaving, to achieve efficient production;
Turn pin function Triangle composite design, single / double synergy can be individually or simultaneously turn the needle, but also a system of weaving, to achieve efficient production;
From the bottom of the device (C series) A closed U-shaped compound needles, this particular compound needle has released the principle activity can be reliably gripping yarn needle, unseating;
Scissors Clip Including two scissors, four clips, there were six separate motor control, program instructions can be synchronized or separately, to further improve efficiency, reduce waste yarn;
Takedown System Computer program instructions, stepper motor control, 24 levels selection, adjustable range :0-100;
Color Change System 2 * 8 sets of yarn carriers arranged in four left and right sides rails, switch yarn mouth (no special equipment dashed intarsia yarn carriers dedicated device for purchase) in the needle bed anywhere;
 Protection system When the machine yarn breakage occurs in the course of action, the knot, floats, rewind, ending number of pieces, moving bed did not return, hit the pin, the next program error, etc., automatic alarm, and a self-locking safety protection device;
 Control Systems 1 screen using LCD industrial monitor, touch screen graphical interface, with USB and network transmission system expandable memory up to 1G, at the same time a large number of flowers into the file, and need to be called up to use based on production; 2 monitor screen: can display various operating parameters and values are woven stitch row, and adjusted at any time while the machine is running, easy operation and maximum savings time; 3 plate system and control system (software) upgrades easy for unpaid configuration; 4 Multi-language version: there are Chinese, English, Arabic and other languages, but also according to customer needs to set the desired language;
Network functions Fast Ethernet (ETHERNET) networks can accommodate up to 250 knitting machines, weaving information to upload, download and share;
Power supply Single phase 220V / three phase 380v, using advanced CMOS technology, power and instant recovery with memory;

Adopt LCD industrial monitor, touch screen graphical interface, color display, can display the number of woven pieces of work, the various operating parameters number of completed parts, weaving time, speed, Laura, stitch, yarn mouth, etc., and in the operation of the machine can be adjusted by any time data required to maximize ease of operation and saves time, allowing you to weave the fabric at the same time concerned about the command input device, easy to modify the operating parameters and change the pattern on the machine.


Probe alarm device, breaking the current cross-field probe single plane swing detection function and achieve its features, the device enables the detection of full-featured, safe and effective manner, other fault conditions can be avoided or machine knit breakage occurs to ensure the normal operation of the machine, to improve the quality and efficiency of weaving.


16 yarn mouth width can be automatically adjusted according to knitting yarn mouth parked position, according to the head can be run automatically fine-tune the pace of the program yarn mouth parked position, with fast response and accurate technical features.


When woven products, scissors and clamps complement each other, yarn connected with the fabric and yarn of Temporarily unused will be cut , This can avoid the waste yarn and product damage or because of thread is too long, possible existence of yarn winding and so hazards. Wasted time of hand-cut yarn will be save and increase efficiency, and easier to production management.


Flat knitting machine for knitting needle movement in the rise and fall with the regularity of the moment, to achieve the stitch transfer, stitch press off, stitch knit, stitch tuck such as knitting effects, need to help latch needle from sinker to complete, Improve the capacity of weaving. Sinker control system make the function of sinker adjustable to achieve, adjusted as needed of knitting to control, the function of sinker and presser foot are very similar, but more reliable and practical than the presser foot.


A positive yarn feed conveyor can effectively reduce the resistance when the yarn, especially for brittle or less flexible fabrics such as cashmere, angora and other yarn fabric, the fabric homogeneous, improve the efficiency of weaving machine.