In the weaving function, GE82 machine knitting flower type(eg:waist mouth small print)has some breakthroughs to make the organization more clearly jacquard fabric diversification.In the habits of operation, GE82 engine known brand with international standards,in line with the industry’s operating habits interface seamless knitting underwear machine user’s habits.Flower-compatible Facilitate new and old users.

Electronic control Support servo motor position control mode as the main motor; support BTSR of SMART64 intelligent serial interface output for details; reserved CAN interface and CAN peripherals to prepare for the relative access;
Support 26 channel alarm input signal
Program Using a special mapping software developed by individual PC programming, the machine can modify computer programs
Monitor 8 inches color screen, Chinese and English operation interface
Tube diameter 12 to 17 inches
Gauge 16 to 32G
Channels Both 8
Maximum speed 13 “maximum rpm 110 rpm/Points (different production conditions and different tube diameter, the actual speed varies)
Net weight Approximately 800kg
Needle selector Each two 16 needle selector, enabling three-position needle selection
Yarn mouth Each six main yarn mouth, the mouth of which two-color Sasa, a separate two free floating yarn mouth, can be multi-color jacquard
Covering bare spandex or clamping Each has a yarn clamping device
Huff scissors and yarn needle Huff plate movements controlled by a pneumatic system, when the organization or double jacquard knitting waist edge organization, scissors tray height can be adjusted automatically according to process requirements
Traction system Using an independent exhaust fan or central exhaust system fabric stretch, automatically adjust the traction force size, the machine is equipped with torsion device to improve the flatness of the fabric cloth
Density adjustment Controlled by a stepper motor coil size, in the same row coil size can be changed to achieve 3D functionality
Yarn sensors Each one yarn mouth with an optical sensor, each six optical sensors
Creel Floor-Creel used pneumatic threading
Lubricating Can be independently controlled knitting needles, sinkers refueling and select jack, the oil can be recycled. Lubrication system to take the quantitative distribution of the amount of fuel oil seamless underwear machine different locations, can effectively save fuel, but also to ensure that the different positions of the different products on the demand for oil
Intarsia Jacquard function Tim Jacquard yarn with special effects clear
Zhakou Technology Huff knitting needles can use single or multiple belts, but also woven into the floating line or lining elastic yarn, Zhakou lifting pneumatic lift, can light, rapid implementation of lifting operations
True towels device You can add a real towel tissue, cloth stripes clear
Power protection Sudden power grid to support the work site protection. Automatic grid voltage detection status, automatic shutdown, auto power off.
Transmission The aircraft in the power transmission mechanism uses a combination of gears and belt drive, reducing noise pollution seamless underwear machines, small backlash guarantee the accuracy of the transmission chain drive
Solenoid valve control Pneumatic system for the serial port communication mode, using the address code control solenoid valve, reducing wire connection, easy maintenance