Computer speed stockings machine 

“Chee Sing” brand GE04P computer speed stockings machine is a computer-controlled machine has a single cylinder four stockings plain weave system. The machine uses an independent exhaust fan or central exhaust system fabric stretch, and equipped with torsion device. 

Turn the syringe directly driven by servo motor drive chain to reduce transmission error 

Health grams triangle position adjustment and syringe lift by the stepper motor control, easy to produce different density fabric. Lubrication system uses a mechanical oil, lubricating synchronization control temperature. 

 The machine can be used synthetic fiber, rayon and spandex and covered yarn nude stockings and other raw materials to produce products including pantyhose, stockings, short stockings, tights and other nine stockings products.


Tube diameter 4”
Machine No. 32
Pin number 400-pin
Knitting system 4
Rated Power 2.3KW
Rated voltage 380V
Rated Current 8.5A
Flower input USB Interface
Needle selector Each 8-segment needle selector
Maximum speed 1000RPM
Density adjustment Into the syringe, the density of the triangle, triangle three grams of raw parts, adjust the density of the fabric
Knitting function Different choices of rubber float or all of knitting needles perfected state. Can knit tabby, 1 × 1,3 × 1 fixed mesh, T 1 × 1 intermediate crotch reinforcement and other organizations.
Zhakou lift Zhakou lifting devices are low when the pneumatic control, there are two working positions, at a high level when the cuffs, braided,Height can be manually fine-tune
Scissors device Scissor lift by pneumatic control. Cut the yarn is not automatic alarm, but also to clean up when the plot by blowing yarn, reducing the failure rate of the machine
Density adjustment device There are two working height triangle density, fine-tune their movements by a pneumatic, manual control, fabric density of consistency
Needle selecting 16-segment piezoelectric ceramic needle selector, simple structure, low energy consumption, less heat, fast response.