High-speed computer Stockings Machine

“Chee Sing” brand GE04T computer speed stockings machine is controlled by computer jacquard silk stockings machine has a single cylinder four-knit system, this machine uses separate exhaust fan or central exhaust system stretch fabric and equipped with torsion device Turn the syringe directly driven by servo motors to reduce the transmission chain of transmission error. 

Health grams triangle position adjustment and syringe lift by the stepper motor control, easy to produce different density fabric. Lubrication system uses a mechanical oil, lubricating synchronization control temperature. Each is equipped with sliding shuttle from dual pneumatic control, improving turn yarn fabric phenomenon. 

The machine can be used synthetic fiber, rayon and spandex and covered yarn nude stockings and other raw materials to produce products, mainly produce socks, stockings, socks, pantyhose and other types. .


cylinder diameter 4 “
machine number 32
pin number 400-pin
weaving systems 4-way
rated power 2.3KW
rated voltage 380V
rated current 8.5A
pattern input mode USB Interface
needle selector Each segment of a 16 needle selector
maximum speed 800RPM
density adjustment points as syringes, the density of the triangle, the triangle of three parts raw gram of fabric density adjustment
loom function different Choose rubber or floating lines fulfill all knitting needles status; may be plain weave, mesh, jacquard, a row can be woven 3D pattern
Zhakou lift Zhakou controlled by a pneumatic lifting device, there are two working positions, at a high level when the cuff, are low when woven, highly manual fine < span >
scissors device scissor lift by pneumatic control. Cut the yarn is not automatic alarm, but also has a positive cleaned by blowing yarn, the reduction in the failure rate of the machine
density adjustment device density triangular components have to enter or exit the operating position function, multi-channel combination of weaving, working with state detection function can be achieved when the police stop the abnormal state, cam 
And achieve seamless cylinder density adjustment, with the use of high-speed stepper motor, enabling 3D function
needle selection mechanism 16-segment piezoelectric ceramic needle selector, simple structure, low energy consumption, less heat, fast response