Chee Sing vamp knitting machine SF series

The first three models of stand-alone systems. The models for the Italian logica control system that can automatically schedule 16 yarn mouth pattern, and can automatically adjust the knitting yarn carrier parked position, with a particular yarn mouth, effectively avoid overlapping yarn mouth phenomenon.

Italy logica control systems can share a single server in the premise, between each machine to establish a network connection; take advantage of this feature, we can work in the computer operating parameters pattern adjustment; carried flowers transmission and sharing, and access to each machine production control data reporting.

Using digital technology to achieve cross-machine pick holes, hanging head, no dotted jacquard, Siping jacquard, stitches, stitches and other rules dark pattern knitting functions. You can knit basic organization (three levels, Siping, single, etc.) without rules multicolor jacquard, intarsia (Intarsia), twisted flowers, pick holes and other weft organization.

Gauge 14-pin
Pin number / width 728-pin / 52 in.
Machine speed Maximum speed 1.2 m, s; has 255 programmable speed segment
Knitting system Single head three systems
Weave Second achieve bite turned mouth knitting needles, a substantial increase in the efficiency of multi-colored jacquard woven tissue of. Sinker: stepper motor to adjust the sinker activity, can be woven in different ways in different systems use different pressures according to different sedimentation fabric stitches and to achieve a variety of effects of the discharge needles.
Needle selector 8 segments electronic needle selection
Traction device High rollers, automatic control section 255, sub-regulation
Yarn feed means Chu yarn and yarn measuring device, precise control of yarn tension, ensure the overall consistency of quality woven pieces.
Yarn mouth The system can automatically adjust the park position when knitting yarn mouth on the machine. With this function, you can always follow the yarn mouth on both sides of the fabric without having to do any complicated adjustments. Based on this feature, so that we can save a lot of time on the machine to adjust the pattern parameters, especially in some complex pattern. The system can be completed on the same line more than the mouth of the yarn woven work, you can easily accomplish tasks such as complex pattern of weaving and knitting intarsia work wear fabric, greatly improved production efficiency.
Automatic stopping device Number of broken yarn, knot yarn, rolling, firing pin, pieces completed, overload, designated parking lines, bugs etc. automatically.
Gearing Belt drive, AC servo motor control
Safety devices The whole machine to reduce noise and dust cover, cover with parking sensors, emergency stop, turn off the power equipment, lights
Data Entry By U disk, the computer connected to the input data
Control Systems LCD industrial monitor screen using the touch-screen graphical user interface, the transmission mode using USB or network, system expansion memory of 2G, a large number of flowers available and stored in the file, and need to be called up according to production use.
Monitor screen By examining the page you can quickly view the status of the work and the actual position of the triangle; and adjust the machine is running at any time, to maximize ease of operation and save time.
Size / Weight Dimensions: Length Width slaughter wooden high 3070 * 940 * 2010 mm Weight: 1280 kg
Power supply unit Voltage: AC 220V / 380V, frequency: 50H2/60HZ Power: 1.5KW


(Optional: Memminger yarn accumulator 🙂


adopt LCD industrial monitor, touch screen graphical interface, color display, can display various operating parameters of the number of textile items, the number of completed parts, textile time, speed, Laura, stitch, yarn carriers and other work, and when the machine is running can readily carry out the necessary adjustments data, to maximize ease of operation and save time, make you concerned about the fabric weaving machine while input commands, easy to modify the operating parameters and change the pattern on the machine.


probe Needle alarm device, breaking the current cross-field probe single plane swing characteristics and achieve its detection capabilities, the device enables the detection of full-featured, safe and effective manner, to avoid breakage or machine knit other fault occurs, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, to improve the quality and efficiency of weaving.


Yarn mouth of the mouth of the flat yarn set in the multi-yarn woven uppers mouth, effectively avoid overlap yarn mouth from work, hit the needle phenomenon.


Flat knitting needles at the moment with regular lifting operation, yarn withdrawal circle, closed, rings, off circle, circle, etc. into the process needs to latch needle sinker completed to help improve the ability to weave, sinker control system for an adjustable feature of the sinker, the knitting control adjusted according to need, sinkers and the presser foot is very similar effect, it is more practical and reliable than the presser foot.


A positive yarn feed conveyor can effectively reduce the resistance when the yarn, especially for brittle or less flexible fabrics such as cashmere, angora and other yarn fabric, the fabric homogeneous, improve the efficiency of weaving machine.


Memminger weft uses microprocessor-controlled motor winding, winding monitored by sensor automatically adjusts the speed of the motor winding yarn usage based on system; cone-shaped magnetic tension device can adjust the output size of the yarn tension.