Single carriage with double cam system and comb system. These C-series machines are all equipped with the advantage comb device (including clip and cutter),our R&D group surmount the technical of comb device great arduous, thus, Cixing machine technology is leading all Chinese computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers, and achieves to international advantage level. The comb device adopt activity releasing theorem, which achieves the compose needle to pick up yarn or release yarn. The comb with clip and cutter is complement to each other, both to cooperate with each other. Which give full pay completely due action and reduce the waste yarn and increase the production efficiency.

These series are used digital technology to achieve the patterns of transfer, tuck, pointel, intarsia, jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions, can knit basic single or double jersey plain fabric, irregular multi-colors jacquard, intarsia, cable and pointel structure patterns.

Gauge   5G、6G、7G、8G、9G、10G、12G、14G、15G、16Gand5/7G Multi gauge
Knitting width 45 52 56 inches
Knitting system Single carriage with double systems.
Racking  Controlled by servo motor racking within 2 inches and with fine adjusting function.
Sinker system  Magnet veer control, shall according to difference material for adjust proceed and achieve to multi shaping and decreasing effective.
Knitting speed  Controlled by servo motor with 28 sections speed Optional, max 1.6m/s. Servo motor will use the precise back award control and link up the high speed operation ability of numeal signal processor (DSP), which control IGST to produce the accurate output electric current
Knitted fuction Knit, miss, tuck, transfer, pointel, intarsia, jacquard, apparent or hide shaping and other regular or irregular patterns.
Encoder Advanced encoder adopted.
Transfer cam  The transfer cam is compose designed, can transfer, knit, tuck and miss alone to achieve high production efficiency.
Stitch density  Controlled by stepping motor, 36 section stitch selectable, adjustable scope supported by subdivision technology: 0-730, the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.
Take down roller   Programmed instruction, controlled by stepping motor, 28 levels selection, adjustable area is : 0-100.
 Yarn carrier   2X8 yarn carriers on each side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any needle position.
Control system 1、Screen、Adopt LCD touch screen and figure interface, input device : USB internal storage 1G, A great amount of design files can be stored at the same time and they can be fetched out for use at any time as per production reguirement.2、Monitoring menu: each kind of operating parameter can be shown and it can be adjust at any time when the machine is running, making conveniences for operations as much as possible.3、Free design system is visual and easy to understand and software upgrade free of charge.4、Multi language version、there are Chinese. English and Arabic etc. languages version, the other languages version set up shall according to customers requirement.
Net work  Through high speed Ethernet which capacity maximum 254 sets machines, the knitting data can transmission download and coexist.
Power   Single-phase 220V and 3-phase 380V, adopt advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power shock stop.
Dimensions Length*width*height: 305*105*207cm . Net weight 1500kg.
Comb Device(C series) Choose close U type compose needle hook, this special compose yarn hook with activity release theorem, which will reliable to pick up yarn or release yarn.
Clip and cutter(C series) : Two scissors and four clamps are individually controlled by six motors; program commands can be executed synchronously or respectively to further improve work efficiency and reduce yarn waste effectively;
GE2 msize

Positive Yarn Storage could reduce resistance while the yarn is moving, is suitable for fabric with lack of elasticity and brittleness such as cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn.


It use the high quality spring to effect the yarn picker. Besides the tension control function ,it can also pull back the superfluous yarn occurs when the carriage moves reversely to tighten the yarn in the uniform tension which is to guarantee the normal knitting. The creel with sensor is high sensitive ,and is not affected by the external factors such as environment and debris. The induction function is stable and rapid.


 Maximum speed is 1.2m/s, adjustable according to the width and patterns of knitwear to avoid invalid movement and achieve high efficiency. Double or triple system is available and each system can perform all the knitting function individually with quick reaction, accurate positioning. It also shortcircuit protection of electromagnet, current excessive and jam protection of motor.


When woven products, scissors and clamps complement each other, yarn connected with the fabric and yarn of Temporarily unused will be cut , This can avoid the waste yarn and product damage or because of thread is too long, possible existence of yarn winding and so hazards. Wasted time of hand-cut yarn will be save and increase efficiency, and easier to production management.


Flat knitting machine for knitting needle movement in the rise and fall with the regularity of the moment, to achieve the stitch transfer, stitch press off, stitch knit, stitch tuck such as knitting effects, need to help latch needle from sinker to complete, Improve the capacity of weaving. Sinker control system make the function of sinker adjustable to achieve, adjusted as needed of knitting to control, the function of sinker and presser foot are very similar, but more reliable and practical than the presser foot.


The emergent button has self-locking function to avoid accident. When the button is push down, the machine is stopped until the button is turned to on position. But the data of machine selfware would not disappera.