Cixing A Brand

Cixing Bangladesh Ltd. Was Founded In 27th March 2011. Cixing Is Committed To Improving The Technical Level Of Knitting Machinery, Promoting The Development Of Knitting Technology Processing And Realizing The Intelligent Upgrade Of The Knitting Industry. Ahead All The Way, It Has Developed Into A Company With A Certain Scale Of Intelligent Knitting Sweater Machinery Industry. The Company Has One Of The Best, Dedicated And Skilled Workforces. These Are The People With The Best Talents, Commitments, And Expertise With The Blend Of Experience And Enthusiasm. Within This Short Period Cixing Bangladesh Have Already Sold Nearly 20,000 Machines Over The 100 Factories.

Relied On Independent Innovation And Caring Service, And Guided By The Constantly Evolving And Changing Market Demand, Cixing Fully Acquired Steiger In Swiss.

Innovative Products Including Full Computerized Flat Knitting Machine, Computerized Shoe Machine, Automated Shoe-making Production Line, Automatic Ironing Machine, Etc.

The Technology Development Is An Effective Complement To The Innovation Mechanism, Based On Strong Research And Development Capabilities And Continuous Technological Innovation. Till Now The Company Has 116 Invention Patents, 288 Utility Model Patents, 13 Design Patents And 56 Software Copyrights.

Cixing Has Kept Up Relentless Development For A Long Time And Provided Clients With Cost-effective Products And Optimal And Reflective Services. With Persistent Mechanical Development, Superb Item Quality, Great Brand Image And Flawless After-sales Service System.

Our Mission

Our Pondering Of Business Germinated From Our Vision Which Believes It To Be A Route To The Success Of The Investors, Stakeholders, Employees And Members Of The Society At Large By Creating New Wealth In The Form Of Goods And Services That Go To Fulfill The Needs Of Every One Of Them Without Circulating Or Harming The Socio-biological Equalization Of The Mother Earth And The Procedure Of Human Progress Prompting Tranquil Co-presence Of All The Living Creatures

Our Vision

Mission Of Cixing Bangladesh Is To Grow, Develop And Sustain As A Reliable, Probable And Competitive Long Time Business Partner In International Trade As A Quality Manufacturer Having Professional Values And Ethics With A Commitment Of Timely Shipment For Our All Valued Present And Future Buyers.

Managing Director's Message

Md. Zalal Uddin Have Near About 10years Widely Knowledge About Of Bangladesh’s Sweater Industry And Marketing Business In Bangladesh.

Amid His Long Business Experience Of 10years, He Has Accumulated Huge Learning About Present Day Strategy And Innovation In Production, Management Of Sweater Industry And Marketing Business In Bangladesh Especially For Sell Of Automated Computerized Cixing Brand Jacquard Sweater Machine With Enormous Preparing Program For Administrator And Staffs.

He Has Made A Trip To Numerous Nations Of The World With The End Goal Of The Business And To Enhance His Insight And Experience Amid The Period Referenced. He Is Related To Various Distinctive Social Welfare Associations In Bangladesh.

One Of The Most Company Asset Is Reputation For Ethical Behavior, Honesty And Fair Play.

Director's Message

Mst. Azmery Sultana by profession an Industrialist & Marketers. She Completed her Post Graduation from Kushtia Islamic University.

She has nearly 10 years widely knowledge about of Bangladesh Sweater Industry.

She has travelled numerous nations of the world with the end goal of the business and to enrich her knowledge and experience.

She is associated with various social welfare organizations.

Our Values